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What are the maintenance points of LED lighting?
Addtime: 2023-05-22

LED lighting is one of the outstanding highlights in a city or building group, so care and maintenance is essential. Here are some key points of LED lighting maintenance:

1. Regular inspection: Regular inspection is carried out to ensure that the LED lighting works properly and emits light. For light poles, check the stability of the poles and whether the poles are securely installed.

2. Replace light bulbs: Replace burned out or aging light bulbs regularly. When replacing bulbs, follow manufacturer's recommendations or according to application. A similar lamp should be used for replacement. When replacing the bulb, avoid touching the coating, so you should wear gloves.

3. Clean and clean: clean the surface of LED lighting, and ensure that there is no debris in LED lighting. Use cleaning alcohol or cleaning solution and gently wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Avoid using hard materials to scrape. Special cleaning agents are possible.

4. Wires and safety devices: Check wires and safety devices and replace them regularly. Inspect wire ropes, cables, wires, pipes, etc., to ensure that they have not been damaged in any way.

5. Maintenance records: Establish complete maintenance records and keep records of each maintenance and inspection, so as to facilitate comprehensive evaluation of LED lighting and recommend improvement of maintenance plan.

These are some basic points of LED lighting maintenance, each step needs to be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended regulations. Properly maintained, the beauty and brightness of LED lighting will be substantially maintained.

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