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What is the principle of downlight?
Addtime: 2023-08-21

When buying lamps at home, we usually need to choose according to our personal preferences. With the development of science and technology, magnetic suction lamps are widely known, attracting many people's attention. What is its principle? Next, let's take a look at it with the manufacturers of linear magnetic suction lamps.

Jiangmen Dasan Lighting

Magnetic suction lamp, its design principle is to use the magnetic principle, there is a magnet inside, and the picture and light box are firmly fixed by magnetic force. Magnetic attraction lamp is actually a kind of intelligent lamp. When it is attracted by two magnetic balls, the lamp can be lit. Similarly, just remove the magnetic ball below and you can turn off the lights, which is very flexible and practical.

Compared with ordinary lamps, magnetic lamps work by magnetic principle. Therefore, magnetic lamps can be said to be the embodiment of scientific and technological progress. More magnetic lamps are available, please contact us.

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