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What is a magnetic track lamp?
Addtime: 2023-08-21

Magnetic attraction lamp, called magnetic attraction rail lamp, is a kind of linear lighting lamps. Although it looks black technology, in fact, its basic technology is still the traditional track lamp, which adds a magnetic connection structure on the basis of the traditional track lamp, and uses magnetism to adsorb the lamp assembly on the track. The conductive strips in the lamp assembly are in elastic contact with the conductive strips in the track body, which provides stable and reliable power supply to the lamp assembly. Under the condition of ensuring reliable power connection, it is more convenient to install and disassemble the lamp assembly, and it is also convenient for daily maintenance and repair.

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We can also flexibly match different styles and quantities of track lamps on a track according to different needs to achieve functional and visual effects. Common ones are floodlight module, grid spotlight module, angle-adjustable grid spotlight module, guide rail spotlight module, hanging wire spotlight module, etc. At the same time, if the power permits, it can also be spliced to the track for use according to the purpose. In short, it is a lighting tool with multiple attributes.

Magnetic track lamp, a lamp with a strong sense of lines, is very plastic. The magnetic track lamp itself adopts the modular design concept, so there are many light source modules suitable for magnetic track lamps, which can freely choose the path and length of the track and match different lamps and light sources. It can freely increase or decrease the number of lamps and lanterns, freely adjust the irradiation angle, freely move, etc. according to needs, and can meet various space lighting. Everything in the magnetic suction lamp is on the track, and the conductive sheet in the lamp assembly is in elastic contact with the conductive strip in the track body to supply power to the lamp assembly. Therefore, it does not need multiple openings and hidden lines.

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