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Classification of magnetic suction lamp lighting modules
Addtime: 2023-08-21

There are four different types of lighting modules for magnetic attraction lamps: floodlight module, grid template, spotlight module and chandelier module, which can be freely combined and matched according to requirements. There are many kinds of lamps that can be matched with the track, and each one has its own unique effect. Next, let's take a look at it with the manufacturers of linear magnetic suction lamps.

Linear floodlight

Function: Floodlight design, even light, enhance space brightness, meet basic lighting, bring simple and extended visual experience in modeling, and enhance lighting atmosphere. As a substitute for the main lamp, the magnetic line lamp has uniform lighting, which is mainly used to provide basic lighting, and at the same time, it can have a good lighting effect on the background wall of the living room.

Applicable scene: living room, bedroom and other areas are used instead of main lights.

Polarized wall washer lamp

Function: As the name implies, it is used for washing walls. A touch of warm light "washes" out from the walls, taking away the coldness and pallor of the walls, highlighting the materials and texture of the walls, highlighting the quality and showing the warmth of home.

Applicable scenes: living room, dining room, corridor, bedroom and other areas that need to wash walls and create an atmosphere.

Jiangmen Dasan Lighting

grille light

Function: meet the basic lighting, and the rotatable model can also meet the lighting needs from multiple angles to achieve different types of wall washing effects. It is used to create a layered atmosphere of space. Putting it above the sofa can highlight the layered feeling of space.

Applicable scenes: living room, dining room, bedroom, study and other areas that need to upgrade the spatial level.

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