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Lighting design scheme can use light to enhance evening fun
Addtime: 2023-05-22

LED lighting not only refers to the simple learning garden lighting, a large number of the use of dim night and light conversion integration to produce different garden landscape poetry. Urban LED lighting can reflect the economic strength and cultural taste of a city, as well as install the cultural and artistic information content deposited by the long-term development trend of the city.

A city's humanistic feelings, national style, historical humanities and other elements for the design of LED lighting show rich and colorful design materials, to make LED lighting into the city, into the daily life of the living environment, but also to make the design of the accurate positioning of different cities.

LED lighting interior space light refraction accumulation, fluidity, transparent color, mapping and other characteristics, in the daytime interior space to carry out secondary design scheme; To get rid of the inertial force conception of indoor spatial correlation of light terminator and terminator according to the necessity of basic landscape planning, more detailed special effect construction is carried out for the primary and secondary connection points. To restore or rebuild the light refraction of indoor space boundary that fades because of night, so that the indoor space of urban night view is also disciplined.

Lighting design can be used to enhance the fun of the evening, traditional LED lighting looks more mundane, but the impact is not so ordinary. According to the methods of green plant blocking, lamp belt hiding, bottom hiding, embedded in buildings, hidden in water, imitation object, the lighting lamps are hidden, but the solar energy is exposed, resulting in floating, silhouette pictures, art painting and other characteristics of the actual lighting effect; Based on lighting and sculpture works, creative design, graffiti, stage art, landscape, etc., to build a unique and imaginative sensory enjoyment.

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